RMP Studio Weddings

Welcome. I’m glad you found me.

The fact that you’re here, I’m going to assume you’re recently engaged and looking for a wedding photographer. Well, if so…. CONGRATS!!!!! YAY!!!! This is awesome news. You must be super excited. 

So what’s it like working with Rmp Weddings, what can you expect? When you bring me on board for your special day,

Rmp Weddings is built on the principles of taking quality photographs.  I aim to tell the story of your special day through my images.  To capture all the tiny details as well as the key moments.

​My style is a mixture of traditional contemporary and documentary  – I capture life changing experiences, random personal moments while adding my own personal touch,

 I am easy going and I love capturing images from unique perspectives.   I absolutely have fun doing what I love.

My images are timeless and will help to keep the memories of your day fresh for generations to come.

I do not outsource any of my post production – all of my work is personally edited in my studio.

 I invite you to view more of our work to discover whether our brand would compliment your wedding celebration.

Feel free to contact me by email at rmphotographyja@gmail.com  or call (1876-477-9618) to discuss having Rmp weddings make your wedding day memorable.

Chief Photographer: Garfield Lyn